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This is the fun part… When you find someone that sparks your interest, swipe right to send them an invite to your date. That’s right, the good ol’ fashioned art of asking someone out is back!

Out with the old...

The issue with most dating platforms is that they leave users wondering if the connection will ever lead to a real date. “So I have made a connection, what’s next?”

  • "At this rate, I could be here all year!"
  • “Do they actually want to go out with me?”
  • “Where should we go?”
  • "When would be a good time for them?"
  • “Will I ever connect in the real world?”

In with the new!

Life is busy and we understand that. We have created a platform that cuts to the chase and eliminates what can be the seemingly never ending back and forth associated with online dating. We have done this by focusing on the 3 major pillars of successful dating.

  •    Initial physical attraction.
  •    An event that both parties find to be interesting.
  •    Date and time that works for both users.

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